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Thread: I have SH: Shattered memories [legit copy] but can't play without update

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    I have SH: Shattered memories [legit copy] but can't play without update

    I bought a copy of silent hill: Shattered memories but I can't get the game to play because it keeps asking to update my Wii.
    The Wii has been softmodded and is currently in menu 4.1 and I installed IOS53-64-v4113 (which told me was needed).
    My other games don't ask for updates(although this is the newest game I own) does anyone know how I can actually get the game to play?
    How can I make the game think I installed the update?
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    have you tried wiibrickblocker or if you have preloader/priiloader enable the hack that disables disks checking for updates

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    I thought brickblocker was for burning ISOs
    this is a game I bought legally

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    You are correct monagle. Install preloader and have it set up to bypass/block disc updates. Though this will prevent disc updates, it wont actually fix your problem. Your getting the update screen because you dont have that ios installed. Are you sure that game uses ios53? If so, do you have that version of ios?
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    I installed the IOS that the topic I linked to told me I needed
    Silent Hill Shattered Memories.........IOS53-64-v4113............System Menu 3.4"

    Is there something other than the IOS53 I also need to install?
    Should I have installed the "latest version" instead od 4113?


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