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Thread: ios 232 for band hero

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    ios 232 for band hero

    i've already read thru the guides on how to get gh5 & band hero to work. my problem is installing ios 232. many of the links are dead and i can't seem to find the proper ios 232 download. can someone please direct me to the correct download and provide brief instructions for installation? any help is appreciated.

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    I think you need IOS 222/223 not 232 but I could be wrong. If you are running game through usb loader you probably just need to install Hermes 222/223 installer.

    Go here.

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Hermes' Ios222/223

    *** I might be wrong since I don't have any instruments for the Wii but if it is just like guitar hero then that is what you need.

    As far loading from disc I have no idea.

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    Awesome, you were right about needing IOS 222/223 rather than 232. That's probably why most of the links to it are dead. Thank you!

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    It all depends on your loading method. You are right with hermes 222 installer for HDD loading. I have softchip installed for disc loading which uses ios232. Both work fine for me.
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