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Thread: I might be close to understanding just not sure

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    I might be close to understanding just not sure

    I scrubbed a wii resort because it kept giving me a black screan, I found the iso inside the wiiscruber and cross referanced it with the list on the site. My question is am i supposed to save it in my wad folder on my sd card then use wad manager to load it? If this is the case how do I do that in the wad manager? And what does the system menu play in it?

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    Hey I don't know if starting another thread is right or not, it's a different question and a different problem, mi just trying to get it right so if i pissed anyone off i apologize

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    This may help you with Sports Resort,

    Old tutorial, you should have cIOS38 rev14 installed, among other apps that have been updated.
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    This is what my wad folder looks like on my sd card the other is my sd card what other things am i missing to be up to date? I cant figure out if I have those things you mentioned. I used the softmod any wii tutorial and thats all I have not done anything more than that. Do the wads load all on there own if you have them when playing a game or do you need to load them every time you are going to play? will an ios from a game brick my wii? Do the ios files go in the root of the sd card? Im a real noob, these questions may be answered but the search feature doesn't bring up the right threads its a virtual needle in a haystack.
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