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Thread: 3.2e modded wii updated online to 4.2e

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    3.2e modded wii updated online to 4.2e

    so i have a wii that was modded running 3.2e loading dvd-r's through the gamma channel. we bought our daughter the rock band game with drums and guitar and of course it would not play it saying it needed to update. now because i was talked into it (against my better judgement) by my daughter and wife, i updated online to 4.2e. now i have been lucky and the game worked as do all the other originals i own, but obviously my dvd-r's don't. so my question is what is my best course of action to get my wii so it will play my dvd-r's also i wish to be able to play from an external HDD???

    many thanks for taking the time to read my question, any help would be appreciated,


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    thanks for the quick reply, i thought about that but i wasn't sure if there would be any conflict problems? if that makes any sense???

    when i modded i installed starfall and some other stuff i can't remember right now.

    thanks again,



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