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Thread: Just bought Wii with Drivekey. Anything I should know?

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    Just bought Wii with Drivekey. Anything I should know?

    Hi guys, first of all, congratz and thanks for this awesome forum. Your hard work is very much appreciated.

    I just bought my first Wii, and it has Drivekey installed. Its from USA.

    The firmware should be 4.0, as it says in the config screen.

    Is there anything I should know in order not to mess up anything?

    Ive heard updating to 4.2 could make non-ntsc games not working. But I shouldnt worry about that, since my console should be NTSC, right? So I can update?

    Is there an update for Drivekey that I should download?

    Also, I would like to use the Wii to surf the internet. I'm about to follow this tutorial Taringa! - Navegar por internet en la wii to install the navigator. Can I proceed?


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