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Thread: Last Set Of N00bie Questions

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    Talking Last Set Of N00bie Questions


    I have some more n00b questions,I think other n00bs would need to know the ansewrs to these questions too.

    Question 1 : Is there a way i can connect my wii to the internet without having to auto update?

    Question 2 : Do i still need need the folders and files(boot.elf,private,bootmii)on my sd card from last installation?

    Question 3 : If i download an emulator how do i get games onto it?

    Thanks , Dylan-WiiIssues

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    Don't worry, after we answer your questions, another newbie will ask the exact same ones again in less than an hour. You need to turn wiiconnect24 off in the wii settings. You can delete any of the files that you know were directly involved in the softmod process and no longer needed. You may want to keep tha apps and wad folders for installing things and running homebrew apps. The emulators from wiibrew come with instructions on how to use them.

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    u can get games for the emulator from google lols.
    just google n64 roms or w/e platform u want roms for.
    u will get lots of choices like and other.

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    Do i have to first enable wiiconnect24 to block it?

    Aaaaaaaaand @Dami
    How do i use the emulator to play the games?

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    -just go to wii settings and make sure wiic..24 is turned off and thats it.

    -as for emulators
    first go here and get the ones u want:
    List of homebrew emulators - WiiBrew
    and each link u click will tell u how to set it up.

    Ex. Snes9x GX
    after download u will get apps folder with "snes9xgx" just copy that and put it in apps folder on UR SD card.
    Then go to the ROOT of ur SD card
    Create folder "snes9x"
    and inside make 3 folders:
    "cheats" "saves" "roms"
    games go into roms folder and u run the emulator with homebrew channel

    Same thing for GBA emulator, put the files in apps folder and make sure in ROOT u have vbagx folder with saves, roms inside and ur set. Most emulators come with readme file so just read that

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    Thanks alot , very helpfull,
    do i have to acccept the user agreement to use the internet?

    And last but not least,

    i installed dvdx when softmodding,Now what do i need to play dvds ? and i mean real dvd's on disc's.


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    for playing Dvd movies go here and get MPlayer CE
    MPlayer CE - WiiBrew
    it will tell u how to set it up

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