hi i have mentioned the problem i have of no vul. ios before, i just thought i would give u guys an update on the status of my wii. Now i did get a lot of help from mauifrog on he pushed me in the right direction with these instructions
"As I said before, all of the pack in that guide are made with bannerbomb v2. None of them will work for you. You must delete the private folder off of the sd-card from any of the packs for the given step. Then download bannerbomb V1 and extract that private folder to your sd-card with the other files from the pack for the step you are trying. You then bannberbomd from data management as described on bannerbombs website for v1."
This i have been able to achieve and was able to complete step 1 of "how to fix no vul. ios" however when i continue on to the other steps i run into the same problems i have had before of error ret-1 and no vul ios ( i have replaced the private folder for each step). All this trouble because i had the home brew channel upside down (wish i had of left it). I am ready to attack it with a hammer! Any last suggestions or is this it for my wii. Thanks Chanoo