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Thread: HELP! no more wii system menu on 4.2

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    HELP! no more wii system menu on 4.2

    I followed the "Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!" tutorial ALMOST exactly. I got to step
    2. Restoring The Bug Into IOS36

    a)After installing Homebrew Channel, Rename the tbrboot.dol on your sd card to boot.dol and load the Homebrew Channel and press home and load bootmii.

    And when I tried to load boot mii a wierd screen came up
    at first I thought it was scrolling through a loading page very quickly and it was
    just too fast for me to read. but after a couple of minutes then a couple of restart/retries I realized that it was the same page or two kind of just fuzzy but kinda looked like it was moving up and down very quickly and I couldn't read whether it was an error or actually doing something. so instead of looking through forums or something I STUPIDLY figured i would just continue the tutorial and see what happened. I noticed that trucha was in the list in the homebrew channel. so I continued as if I never got that wierd screen I don't know if trucha was there before or if bootmii loaded it and I just couldn't read that it said finished or something. but I have never been able to run bootmii. Everything else went fairly smoothly but now I can't go to system menu so I can't do anything including run original games plz help if you can I am on fw 4.2 I am LU65

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    double post sorry

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    I'm in exactly the same boat, I have a 4.2E and I follwed that very same tutorial today and I started step 6 which was optional anyway but got halfway through it and could not continue as I had no IOS223.

    Anyway, carried on to the end and managed to get priiloader installed but now I cannot access my main system menu no matter what.

    people said it was a problem with priiloader and to downgrade to 0.1 but I am already on that version.

    So long as you can access the HBC I am thinking we will be ok and there will be some way to get the system menu back, but you can still play you games, you just have to install either neogammer or Gecko into the HBC, then you can run them from there.

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