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Thread: Proper way to uninstall wad/channels?

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    Proper way to uninstall wad/channels?

    So lets say after I install Mario 64 WAD through Wad manager. And then I want to remove it. Do I use Wad Manager to remove it? Or can I just uninstall the channel through the Wii System Menu's data management tool?

    Reason I ask is I only have a few WAD's intalled yet I keep getting the 1022 error when I try to install new WAD's and noticed I'm pretty much out of space on my Wii =[


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    either way will remove the channels, also you could use anytitle deleter, but make sure to never to remove an IOS below IOS200 or you may brick. I remember from a while back it was said to use wad manager to remove the wad, because other methods may leave small bit of the wad install behind. I use wad manager when I can but sometimes cannot find the wad that I installed the channel with.

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    Thanks for the response!

    Well I cleared some space and noticed I still can't install Harvest Moon wad.. yet I was able to instal another wad that was almost double in size. What gives? I seem to get 1022 with a few other wads that are also allot smaller then other ones that work.

    I'm running 4.2 and followed the 4.2 guide fwiw.


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