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    I love my Wii but why is the market flooded to shovelware - no wonder the Wii gets a bashing from games sites and pretty much everyone else you mention it to.

    The Wii has near enough sold as many units as the PS3 and 360 put together so why are we still getting drivil thrown are way

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    What you mean is, why is there so many games for normal people and not just hardcore most xbox and ps's are aimed at.

    I love some of the crap throwaway games on the wii, my kid does too.

    Sometimes people just love to play stuff without too much energy and thought put into it, and they are usually cheaper to buy and make. How many ad's have you seen where people say they have not used their (place console here) for months and just want it out of their is usually because they cannot afford the 50 or 60 dollars a time for the high end games so the console sits idle instead.

    That is my opinion anyway.

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    Because Muppets will buy them for their kids and some kids really want to play stuff like...

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    not really what I meant GGXena. Im not a hardcore gamer and cant stand FPS which seems to all you can get on the PS360.

    you have to admit that the Wii does have more then its fair share of naff titles - just strikes me that 3rd party developers are just being lazy and churning out poorly thought out so called 'party' games or terrible ports.

    I bought my Wii for the 1st and 2nd party games which are really fun - just think the console is let down by 3rd party titles

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