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Thread: nus downloader

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    nus downloader

    im new to the site and this is my first post.
    i pretty clued up with the old softmod ive done i lot of reading and between usb loader and neo gamma there anit much my wii's wont play.

    however i just used the nus download tool to get certain wad files and noticed you can get the opera channel and the virtual consols games from it.
    so my question is if i download these wads can i install them safely or will there incompatiblity , and danger of screw ups or is it as easy as it looks?

    i have searched but with no avail so any help would be great

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    You can safely download and install the Opera Channel, Wiiware and VC games from Nintendo-as with Wii games, channels, WiiWare and VC games also use IOSes to load. If you get a black screen-go here:

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    They work just fine. That's where I got my Opera channel from.
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