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Thread: 4.0U Softmodding: No Internet for Wii, Still Possible?

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    Cool 4.0U Softmodding: No Internet for Wii, Still Possible?


    I don't have the LAN adapter for the Wii and would have no reason at all to buy it apart from implementing the softmod. I'd really prefer not to have to buy one!

    Is there no way that I can just use my PC to download everything that I need to my SD card, then put it onto the Wii?

    I am trying to follow the recommended tutorial for 3.1-4.1 systems and it says you have to have an internet connection for your Wii. I'd rather just download the updates to the SD card if that's possible! If it is, then how can I do that? Do I have to have these updates anyway or are they optional?

    Thank you!
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    No wireless router in the house, or a window near a neighbor with one?

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    No wireless router in my house. I don't know what my neighbors have though, but I'd rather not use theirs if I can help it.

    I tried to let the Wii find an access point and it said it couldn't.

    What does the softmod need the internet for anyway? Maybe I can get by without it? If it's downloading Wii System Update, then I can just not use System Update, since I'm at 4.0 which is pretty new. And if it's downloading something from the homebrew channel, then that means that the files must be on the internet somewhere, so I should be able to download them to the SD card right?
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    Priiloader has hacks for 4.0U so you can skip the update part and simply create your own hacks.ini file for your 4.0U Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew

    If you do wish to update then you'll need to source System Menu 4.1U v449 from NUSD
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