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Thread: WADder help

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    WADder help

    I've searched around, read the readmes, but just can't seem to get WADder to work for me at all.

    I'm always stuck getting "You didn't fill in the fields correctly! I won't brick your Wii!" error. Before anybody says that I didn't fill things in correctly, I'm pretty sure I have. I chose the name of the channel, gave it a unique ID, picked the DOL file, and all the picture files, and went create WAD and that error comes up.

    Could anybody shed some light on how to get this thing to work?

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    Not me, I know about wii hacking, not channel designing.

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    Not many people on the forum work much with WADder, but maybe you'll luck out and someone who knows something will come along. Until then, the only rec. I have is check out the tutorial if you've not already done so:
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    If you are using Wadder do be sure that you have a brick recovery solution for the inevitable banner brick you'll have.
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    I'll definitely regrab BootMii before throwing the newly created WADs, but I'm a little confused. The version of WADder that I have, looks similar, but isn't the same one as in that tutorial.


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