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Thread: Weird USB Loader GX functionality

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    Weird USB Loader GX functionality


    Ive noticed something weird with my USB loader.

    If I switch on my Wii and the first thing I do is launch the loader then all is fine. I can then run other disks or WW titles and still launch the USB.

    However if I do something else first such as launch a disk from the disk channel or play a WW title (from SD card) and then try and launch the USB loader it does not work, just a black screen but can hear the HDD spinning, and I have to reboot.

    Its no biggie and just wondering does this 'bug' effect anyone else or maybe its just the way my Wii/HDD is setup?


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    Chances are it is the way your hard drive is set up, some drives are made to power down (still run but at a much slower speed) this is why you can sometimes hear them speed up when attached to a pc.

    When your hard drive slows down because you have been doing something else, then your USB loader can struggle to find it.

    Sometimes the hard drives have accessible settings.

    I could be wrong but that is my guess.

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    I was thinking something along the same lines, cause when the Wii is powered on I can hear the HD speed up and then slow down after a few minutes if I've not run it.

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    Your HDD could be spinning down (going to sleep), to take care of this, use the included software that came with your HDD to turn off the spindown function. Also, make sure you have cIOS38 rev14 installed, rev15 and rev16 seem kind of buggy.


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