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Thread: Hi,Now what

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    Question Hi,Now what

    I buy my wii, it was 3.4e to my surprize,

    I easily softmodded it , added homebrew,dvd thing, and bootmii.

    so , am i ready to go now?

    Can i play Backups and stuff?

    please remember that im a serious n00b,

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    you still need the apps for running back ups, - neo gamma, or gamma launcher, or for usb supprt you'll need hermes 222/223 ios and usb loader gx or the like. preloader would be a good thing as well.

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    Thanks, one question, Why do i need usb support?

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    If you run things like instruments for pretend guitar games or balance board for wiifit.

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    um,Hate to be a trouble but could anyone post some links to gamma launcher,

    And for the usb loader is preloader enough to download?

    EDIT- Can i connect my wii to the internet now? or will it upgrade?
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    Please Help Im really confused , Please just tell me what to download in order to play backups and use usb.

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    first off, preloader is not for the usb loader. preloader is used for brick protection. usb loader gx is an app/channel that can be used to load games from an external hdd.
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