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    Us New To This

    Hello fellow wiicrackers, obviously im new (hence the thread name) and im stuck on some simple things, like 1. with the
    "Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!!"
    Im stuck on
    "PART B1: The extermination of the evil stub ios249"
    It says to DL a new packet and to ONLY have (in your SD root)
    root:\00000001\ <-(if available)"
    But if i only have that, my HBC wont run because i don't have the files on the SD card anymore... or do i just combine the old "HBC" files with the new 1's from the new DLC?..I kno, I kno, the question is stupid and it's more then likely a "Quick Fix" but im lost and would !!GREATLY!! !!APPRECIATE!! !!IT!!

    Hack On My Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    do it exactly as the guide says, and you wont have anny issues

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