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Thread: Help selecting correct SD and USB media

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    Smile Help selecting correct SD and USB media

    Howdy! I'm a newbie to the wiihack scene, and I want to try to softmod my new Wii (virgin) to v4.2. I have little kids, so I will have tight control on what they can use, but I would like some freedom to use the mod for me and the wife.

    I have read the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus!!!! (very clear BTW! ) I have also read the USB Compatibility List and the Ultimate WiiHacks Index . I think I'm ready, but I still have few questions regarding the media to use. The only information I have found (so far) about the SD Card is that I should use a SandDisk brand, but I have not found any information on any specific size.
    • What is the largest size the Wii can read?
    • Can the SD card be an HD-SD Card, or does it has to be an SD Card?
    • What is the minimum size of card that I need?

    Any recommendations on a particular USB Media? Thanks for all the help!

    PS --> Also... do I need to keep the SD Card on the Wii permanently?

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    Sorry for the Necro; but after 2 weeks I think my question got lost on the shuffle. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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    2gb normal sandisk is the recomended, other brands like kingston can work though aswell.

    SDHC cards *can* be read by wii 4.0 and up, but there are still a fair few apps and games(rock band 2s DLC etc) that dont support them

    So 2gb cards in general are the maximum, if you want full support for pretty much everything

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