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Thread: Homebrew channel update

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    Homebrew channel update

    I'm stumped. How do I simply update the homebrew channel via wifi (current version i am on is 1.0.3 ). I have read all the guides and forums but I can't find the answer anywhere.
    I am connected to Wifi can browse the internet on the WII. When I go to the homebrew channel it shows my ip address and I can select what apps I have installed (scummvm. mplayer_ce).
    How do I actually update the homebrew channel. (I have read that it should auto update). Do I need certain folders named on the SD card for wifi update?
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    what firm ware are you on, if 4.x or higher, you could redo the bannerbomb hack and reinstall the updated homebrew channel, i dont know why it wouldnt do the auto update, it should tell you there is an update vilable as soon as you network initilizes in the hbc. weird

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    I am on firmware 4.0E. I used Bannerbomb ( and in July when I first softmodded my Wii, and installed DVDX, Bootmii and homebrew.

    Everything is working apart from the homebrew channel won't update, Is there any other reason why you think it would not update.
    One other point, If I reinstall bannerbomb hack, do I just install it over the current versions of DVDX, bootmii and homebrew that I already have or do I need to to uninstall those first.
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    first download a new bannerbomb, with an updated version of the hbc, when you run the hack, just uninstall the hbc, then install it . nothing else needs to be reinstaled. after install of hbc, exit as normal.


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