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Thread: I'm asked to do a system update, what do I do?

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    Question I'm asked to do a system update, what do I do?

    Hi, I'm New at this and have a question.
    I have a softmodded wii and got a new game, Beatles Rockband(original,not backup).
    I tried to play it and it is telling me that I have to update my system.
    If i do that then it says that any unauthorized modifications that have been made will be affected and that my system may become inoperable.
    What do I do?
    If someone could please help me, I would totally appreciate it!

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    what firmware do you have?
    find preloader app for your firmware and install the hacks
    if 4.1 , first install ios60 patched
    if 4.2 , first install ios70 patched

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    Thank-you, I will try that tonight and go from there!


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