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Thread: Newly modded question

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    Newly modded question

    Hi ,I have a question that has stumped me.I have a hard modded wii with the sunkey pro with latest update.. I want to play NSMB and have a backup copy which is supposed to work with softmodded wiis [it will not work with mine-I get the remove disc and reset screen]...My noob question is can I apply a soft mod to my wii or will it affect the chip that's installed?? Thanks

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    soft mod will not affect your chip

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    So you're saying it's fine to have both hard and soft mods on your wii to cover all bases??

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    yes, many many people have both hard and soft mods.

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    thanks for your help

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    you can apply the softmod to a hard modded wii. the only possible problem you may have is that the mod chip may interfere with the softmod. However, it won't break your machine so go ahead and mod it.

    If you run into problems later, such as game won't load from backup no matter what then you will have to remove the chip so that the softmods will work properly.



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