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Thread: Wii Sports Tennis Player Select Bug?

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    Wii Sports Tennis Player Select Bug?


    My Dad and sister were selecting players for Wii Sports Tennis. The last two players were me and my friend, so my sister selected her mii for player 1, confirmed herself as right handed and then my Dad selected his mii. But then when my Dad choose his Mii it went back to my Sister's (player 1) stance select screen. I was asked to help and kept trying but it kept looping back to player 1 stance selection. I tried going back to the main menu and selecting players again and it didn't work.

    To solve the problem I just chose a guest player rather than my Dad's mii, which worked and went onto the guest stance selection screen. Then I exited back to the Wii Sports main menu, back into tennis and this time my Dad was able to select his mii no problem. Has this happened to anyone else?
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