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Thread: Rumor: Next Nintendo Console May Use New Intel Processor?

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    Rumor: Next Nintendo Console May Use New Intel Processor?

    Intel is rumored to be in talks with Nintendo for a possible next generation partnership.

    Japanese technology Impress Watch writer Hiroshige Goto has written an article speculates that chip maker Intel is in talks with Nintendo to form a partnership for their next generation console.

    According to Goto, Intel is trying to convince Nintendo to use their latest graphics processor, Larrabee, in the Wii's successor. Based on the timing of the talks, the chip would have to be used in their next console rather than the rumored Wii HD system (said to be coming in 2010).

    Goto, however, doesn't provide any more information about the talks, explaining that the Larrabee's push for technology might conflict with Nintendo's more conservative approach. There are a number of problems with Nintendo using Larrabee from power consumption to cost to architecture compatibility.

    Larrabee was cancelledas a discrete product earlier in the month. While they are still working on the technology, it is at this point very far behind their competition at ATI and Nvidia.

    Source: Nintendo World Report

    I've also heard that this is the same chip that Sony turned down during a possible chip switch for PS4, apparently the chip was underperforming and was sucking up too much wattage

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    i gotta say tho, it would be nice if the graphics were to compete a little better with the likes of ps3 or 360. ...biig...

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    I think Nintendo should use the RISC processor and the Nvidia graphics chip to gain new grounds with the Wii HD...

    Intel's graphic chips will NEVER match the Nvidia chip set.

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Nintendo graphics are generation behind but since they use more cartoon based characters the higher graphics isn't needed. For example, brawl having higher graphics wouldn't make the game any better. on the other hand twilight princess would be better.

    There won't be another console for about more 3 years. (maybe longer for ps3)

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    Well the last rumor about the wii pricedrop was right
    So I believe this one :O but still I wonder if they will actually have any GOOD graphics?

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    it would be nice to c some hd on the nintendo wii as it is its only weak point

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    haha some one (maybe with the wode) needs to create a SLi board for the wii (haha like the expansion slot that was in the n64) so when the HD version comes out and they start making hd games (like the 360) it will blow everything out of the water... lol


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    Why Intel graphics proessor (isnt that intergrated graphics? corect me if imwrong)? Ther pieces of shit!

    How about some Nvidia or ATI or somthing like that. I mean Intel Graphics will never compete with the PS3/360. My laptop has the Intel Graphics and it sucks bad. framerates are horable.

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    Well remember that this is just rumor...and that the wii was built with ati graphics. That being said...Nintendo has always said it wasn't out there to compete against the ps3 or the 360 graphically. Keep in mind that a game that has great graphics can also still be bad if the gameplay and controls are not any good. The wii has achieved what it set out to do and that is make gaming for the "family" atmosphere.

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    Stick a Nvidea GTX 280 lol I have one in my pc it rocks any game on max setting's..

    If their going towards a "family" atmosphere I suggest ditching the gay little round bubble characters we all aint 2 yrs old..Something definatly needs to be done..

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