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Thread: Wii fit update helpp!!

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    Wii fit update helpp!!

    my wii is chipped and has got the home brew channel,
    i got a wii fit plus disk for christmas and just went to play on it
    but it has asked me for an update yet if i install this update it will detect and remove any unauthorised modifications.

    how can i install this update without it removing the chip?


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    what firmware do you have, install preloader via homebrew channel, and use skip disk update hack. ...biig...

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    ive managed to get it working now thanks ..
    i just opened up home brew channel, went on to neo gamma and the game just loaded up from there without asking to install update

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    Just run the update, it's the only way unless you want to get more heavily into softmodding your Wii. You'll get a 3.4 update and a few new IOS versions if you do so. The update won't remove your modchip. Only 4.2 so far affects modchips.
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