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Thread: Homebrew Channel issues

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    Homebrew Channel issues

    Hi all

    I have installed the Homebrew Channel and it was working when I first installed it. Now applications will not load, they just hang at 0%. Any idea what I need to do to fix this??

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    Cmon, nobody knows? Surely someone has had a problem with the Homebrew Channel? If it helps, I have not updated the Wii to firmware 3.3 yet, this started before the update was released. And I have deleted and reinstalled the channel but it still yields the same result.

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    to me it looks like the sd card, format the sdcard and reload all the apps. i hope you are running HBC beta 8

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    ok will try that, thanks!

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    Hey - I'm getting the same problem. I tried two different SD cards, too, and can't get the Wad installer to work. :-( Anyone else know what may be wrong?

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    You simply need to yank the GameCube memory card out of your Slot B. This was supposed to be fixed in the latest version of the HBC, but I still get it occasionally if I forget to remove my memory card or AR.

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    what cybercrud said


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