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Thread: Region Free Priiloader downloads

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    Region Free Priiloader downloads

    I am about to unlock my wii using your tutorial for 4.2E and i believe it involves installing a priiloader? but there is also a new thread here:

    for 4.2 versions to be able to play region free? do i still download the priiloader? which one do i use? I really want to play NTSC games but I have a PAL console (that has been chipped)

    thanks for all your help so far! I am new to this! I appreciate anyones help!

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    can Anyone help??

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    To be honest, the region thing is mainly controlled by the game loader. when you load a game in something like neogamma, you have to go to the region options and force pal. preloader itself is universal, it is the hacks.ini file that preloader uses that are region specific.

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    thanks, I am starting to get my head around everything but (stupid question) what exactly is Neogamma? and will all this be installed with messie's 4.2E install? or will I have to install it seperatley?

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    Neogamma is simply a loader. It allows you to load games from burnt disks, SD card, or from your handy USB port. Awesome bit of kit, but I still prefer USB Loader GX, but I have a hard drive I prefer it over the burnt disk route.

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    thanks! does neogamma and usb loader gx get installed with messies 4.2 install? or do i have to install seperatley?


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