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Thread: hacking for GC controllers?

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    Talking hacking for GC controllers?

    Is it possible to hack the wii, or at least make software that makes it able to play Gamecube games with the wii-mote? My Gamecube controller cables aren't so long xD

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    im going to take it as a joke but if your serious just think about what your asking for a minute and you will come up with the answer unless you caught on to my hint you should know right away

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    well, I'm going to still take this serious.. I mean, I would have never thought that it was possible to play snes roms on my wii, but there's software to do that.. so I thought, why not just make it possible to change the gamecube mode a little..

    and also, why not just say no if you're sure of your answer, because it's pretty clear that you think it's not, what doesn't mean it isn't possible at all. And I'd also like an answer that shows me WHY it wouldn't be possible.

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    Why would you want to use the wiimote? The Wiimote's Accelerometer, Gyro, and IR Camera would have no part in controlling the game. You still be mashing buttons just like on a GC controller, except there aren't enough buttons.

    If you don't have a GC Controller, you can order one for about $10. I got 2 white ones from

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    I do have a GC controller, but that's what I'm saying, the biggest problem is the cables that are in the way. At first, my cables aren't so long, and plus, when I'm playing, the cables are in the way between me and the television, people must step over it or walk around me, which they find very annoying :P

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    Oh, I didn't fully read your first post. You can buy extention cords for the GC Controllers. Also wireless ones would do you some good.

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    This thread just answered my questions about GC....thanks guys...

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    Buy Wavebird, everything is good to go :lol:

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    Wavebird is the best ;D

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