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Thread: Wiikey1 & 2 disc updates, anyone ever brick?

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    Wiikey1 & 2 disc updates, anyone ever brick?

    This question is being asked only for Chipped Wii owners only. Has anyone here taken a disc update from a game and had any problems? I've taken several disc updates over the last year with no detrimental effects whatsoever. New Super Mario Bros., Beatles Rock Band, and I know I've taken others I can't remember right now. My wii is NTSC-U, Wiikey2 (1.3 now) and I'm running homebrew. Let's hear it, disc updates good and bad, so we can figure out if there are certain scenarios where you should not take a disc update, my experiences say disc updates are OK for us Wiikey2 owners and probably for most other chipped wii's also.

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    updated just fine on beatles rock band. wiikey2 1.3.............ntsc 4.1u

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    isnt it only bad if u take an update from a game thats not from ur region.. say if u update from a PAL game???... welll that is my understanding

    u shouldnt really need to update tho
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    Yes your right, its fine to take a disk update, but not if it is from another region ie say your system is ntsc and you can play pal games, never let it update from the pal game or it could brick it!

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    I should have been more clear, disc updates from your region game only. Never update from an out of region game. I've seen many people post here wondering if they can/should update from the disc. I'm looking for anyone who's updated from an in region game and had problems. There is a chart somewhere on this forum that will show you which games will update you to what firmware. Disc updates for chip owners are OK in most, if not all instances, unless you are trying to stay at a certain firmware, say 3.2. In that case, you are soft modding your IOS's and bypassing the disc updates.


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