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Thread: 3.3u to 4.2 w/wiikey v1 1.9s

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    3.3u to 4.2 w/wiikey v1 1.9s

    After about 4 hours of online searching/lurking I have felt i have done due dilligence before posting..please be kind..I have a wii with 3.3u and a wiikey 1.9s (very difficult upgrade process, originally burned unpadded files, have a mac so difficulties arose from that. originally i would press A for the safety warning, then the screen would flicker and bring me back to the main menu) in any event here is my question.

    I bought my girlfriend toy story mania and nsmb for xmas, and as everyone has noted, there is the update warning page. I am still confsed as to the consequences from updating either game. I have a couple backups (namely SNES rom) that is the only game I play. will I lose functionality of this if i press OK. I am considering taking all of my christmas money and buying a 2nd wii for her as to not mess with my SNES. Thanks in advance for any help. This site is a great resource. I am not very computer programming savy, but appreciate the hard work of the people who do all of this work and give it away as freeware.. karma is a beautiful thing

    thanks again,

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    Ok if you don't have a cios and just only the modchip. you will have to run the disk updates to get the ios files that run the games you want.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    so running the disk update will only add the ios files, or will it also update the firmware of the console?



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