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    Exclamation Please help

    I couldn't get my system to stop booting in priiloader and stupidly i opened back up Wadmanager and when prompted I pushed + for priiloader and then got code dump message and I had to reboot. when I did nothing worked. The light turned green and the machine made a noise and my tv is not showing a signal from the wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please anybody help.

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    well since + is for installation so it should just overwrite it, holding Reset and see if priiloader is working? btw do u have Bootmii as boot2? if none work then i guess ur screwed=full brick?. u can try the savemii trick w/ GC controller or something but idk if it will work.

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    Thanks for reply, i tried reset, havent' tried savemii. I think it is useless. That sucks cause it was my first time tryin to get it going. Oh well, i guess i will just have to buy another and try again


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