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Thread: IOS, which one do I install?

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    IOS, which one do I install?

    I have an IOS package I downloaded from somewhere, and I am 100% confused. I want to get USBLoader to work, and I need custon IOS's, correct? Now I have the IOS installer, but there's so many different types of IOS's that are in the program, and I'm afraid of bricking the Wii if I install the wrong one.

    Can anyone tell me which IOS I have to install and how to do it, in order to get USBLoader 1.5 to work? I really need help...

    Edit: I have firmware 4.1u

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    Forget the package: Trash it, toss it, whatever. Find your firmware version by navigating to Wii Options > Settings > top right hand corner. It will be 2 numerical digits followed by a U/E/J. Ex. - 3.2E, 4.1U, 4.2E, etc.

    Once you have that, follow either the 3.1-4.1 or 4.2 guide below from beginning to end, word for word. This will set you up with HBC, cIOS, updated IOS', usb loader, and brick protection.
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    thanks ill try that


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