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Thread: PAL game on the WODE

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    PAL game on the WODE

    I have a couple of PAL game for the Wii, but as far i a know there is no compability with the wode, only US/KOR/JP as said in the last review of Wiinewz ( WODE review - WiiNewz - Nintendo Wii Modchip & Hacking Community )

    Will further update will make PAL game work ?

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    Help me im surrounded by reply !!!

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    Yes there is a PAL option Wiinewz made a noob mistake AND STOP BUMPING YOUR OWN THREADS!!

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    Thx for the awnser. For the bumping, if it is the only way to get awnser, i don't mind.

    Edit: I just saw on your own tread call : Wode Guide
    -Region (OFF/JAP/US/KOR) Allows you to select the region Wode will then attempt to patch games to match.

    So my question again, will my 4.1U Wii will able to run PAL game with the WODE.
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    yes technically it should and that guides from the WODE site as stated at the top so don't go blaming me for incorrect info.
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