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Thread: Soldering checklist...

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    Us Soldering checklist...

    I was hoping you guys could tell me what I need to grab to solder my wasabi chip into my wii. Its been a while since Ive done this so just looking for some recomendations....Thanks

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    So far I have some 30 AWG wire, iron, 3m strip, flux, and thats it. Just wondering if I'm forgetting anything?

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    A huge magnifying glass

    One of those big magnifying glasses that stands up by itself over your work really helps me alot. A damp sponge for keeping your iron tip shiny. Double sided tape helps keep your wires nice and neat. Wire cutters and wire strippers capable of doing 30 AWG wire. An Xacto knife helps you cut the stripped part of the wire to the exact length.


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