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Thread: hii new to soft mod

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    hii new to soft mod

    were i can find on my wii what system i got if it is 3.1-4.1 o 4.2 thank you

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    Click on the settings Icon (the two Gears) and then choose Wii Settings. in the top right hand corner is your system version.

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    hi thank my version is the 4.0u so i can star following this treatd to modd the wii first
    hope this work jejejeje thnak you

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    im glad i have read this,is there anyway you can turn the wii off from the front,totally off i mean thanks,first post here great forum

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    Have you pushed the power button and held it to the LED turns red? thats as off as it gets, without turning it off at the socket

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    yes did that thought they would have put a switch on the back,cheers anyway


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