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Thread: Blank black screen

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    Blank black screen

    I did everything in the softmod thread to my wii. I got the newest NeoGamma. I burned Twilight Princess to a Verbatim DVDR at 2x speed. I put the disc in the wii and select the NeoGamma channel and then, nothing. I get a black screen that says/does nothing. I have to reset my Wii to get out. Also the controller disconnects when this happens, not sure if it means anything.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    I think You need to update your Cios I have the same problem and from what Ive been reading that's the issue.

    next is finding a source

    Here is good read.

    I'd let someone verify first before doing this but this is the IOS-wad program.
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    Anyone got a source or another way to fix this?

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    Have a look in my mediafire for cIOS installers, click my signature and look in cIOS folder.
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    updated my cios, no change. any other way to fix this?

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    Can you access and load neogamma through your homebrew channel? Could just be a neogamma problem if you are already running cios38rev14.

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    I dont have a option for neogamma in my homebrew channel, should i? i just have a neogamma channel of its own. and i tried to load neogamma with a legit game in there and no disc at all and both times it showed me the black blank screen. hope this helps some

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    anyone have any idea how to fix this?

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    Blank black Screen for NeoGamma and WiiFlow

    I'm in the same boat as you here. Still looking for a solution.
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    black screen

    i softmodded a 4.2 wii but nothing happend
    i was told it needed a preloader
    so i installed a preloader than i could not leave the preloadermenu
    i tryed everything but nothing helped
    than i got a message from the forum that said u need to downgrade back to 3.2
    so i did and now all i get is a black screen the remote doesnt work on the wii and i cant open anything anymore

    can someone help me please

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