If you wanna use your HDD to backup your games you may read *//*How To Play Games From a HDD*\\* by yooyo95

since the compatibility issued of USB (FlashDisk, Adapter, Enclosure, External HDD, etc) i almost delayed my intention to buy SATA to USB adapter .

i have ordinary 80 GB Seagate SATA HDD, and connected to my SATA to USB adapter (no name).

firstly, my HDD formatted to FAT32 then WBFS using WBFS manager.
i was easily to backup the games from DVDs but can't play it (black screen).

im frustated to face this problem , till i install cios 222 hermes. now my hdd smoothly played all cisos...

now i realize that wii can play many "uncompatible" FlashDisk, Adapter, Enclosure, External HDD, etc with consideration about 2 things.

1. enough power to spin your HDD. try using external power with UPS/Stabilizer, or PC's PSU.

2. compatibility of Hermes Ciso 222, that well-known as USB's friend

maybe this broken english topic may helps you
please gimme any comments