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Thread: Use Orb to watch movies from the Wii

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    Us Use Orb to watch movies from the Wii

    In my recent search to see if you could remote desktop to your Home PC from the Wii, I have rediscovered something that I had actually known about for some time now.

    There is a website Called ORB MyCast your digital media with Orb 2.0 remote pc access software . This allows you to store your music, photos, videos, documents, etc on a remote site and ORB allows you access to them from any Internet Connection on a PC or a Wii. I have actually been able to navigate to the ORB website using the internet channel and bring up a movie that was on my PC and watch it, all using the Wii.

    Orb is appearantly already well aware of the possibility that they have included a help me section for getting your Wii connected to the Site and get everything going. ORB / Knowledgebase / How do I stream media (photos, music, videos) to my TV using Orb via game console ( Wii,Xbox 360, PS3)?

    Now this might not be Earth Shattering but I do think it is very Cool. So wen you get a chance try it out. It works for me watched a movie today.

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    ya it works fine and the reason why Orb does it it's because it's through the web browser and Wii and Nintendo supports that (opera).

    I tried it but the video quality was absolute garbage (picture was pixelated) so I dotn stream from my Wii anymore....

    and BTW Orb does NOT store on a remote site they are stored on your pc and your pc needs to have the ORB client installed on it..

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    This would be good from viewing from abroad. But you would not want to use this in your home. The speed would be limited to your up speed, which is a small fraction of the speed you would have on your personal lan.

    SMB work greet for most people in mplayer.

    If you wanted to use opera, look into VLC. Have vlc setup on your pc and you should in theory be able to stream your video to the other pc's in your home through a browser.

    Unless you can make a lan connection to the Orb server on your pc.
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    TVersity also works through the Opera channel but it runs at 12FPS which is rather unrewarding when watched on your TV. A solution to watching video on an unmodified Wii only really.
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