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Thread: help just got my d2pro 9 wire chip

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    Question help just got my d2pro 9 wire chip

    Just recived my d2pro 9 wire chip today presoldered to wii-clip
    got it from mxconsoles clipped it on and turned the wii on. The red light
    on the chip comes on and stays on i have d2c chip. i live and bought my wii in the US i read some instructions that said that you jump the jp1 jumper for US consoles but mxconsoles jumped the jp2 for UK is that possibly what is happening here if so what is a good way to desolder that jumper i am ok with soldering not great (hence the wii-clip) can I heat up the solder and suck it off
    with fine point vaccume or something. any help would be great. thanks

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    Oh ya and also. with the chip clipped on it would read OEM disks just fine acted like there
    was no chip at all

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    Lightbulb Solder removal...

    Best way to remove the solder would be to "soak it up" with some braided copper wire, like you'd find in standard electrical cord. Strip about an inch of it, apply some flux to it, put the wire on the solder joint, apply the iron to the wire and watch the solder wick up into the wire. Be sure to remove wire while it is still hot.


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