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Thread: please help

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    please help

    im really sorry to bother you all im a complete novice , i bought my daughter a chipped wii with 65 games for xmas

    xmas morning my 10 yr old was so excited to play her chipped wii, all went well until i put in a shop bought game........which shut my whole system down,

    im devastated, so is my 10 yr old daughter,

    what do i do now? i dont know how to rectify this ,could someone please help??


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    got more info? wont turn on at all now? no lights on the wii?
    if you got no power, it could be the power cord itself, I have had mine "die" on me on a few occasions. Smack it off the floor and boom it worked LOL.
    if you got power, what other symptoms do you have


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