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Thread: hi having problems with usb loader

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    hi having problems with usb loader

    hi i used the Full hacking guide for 4.2 system menus turtorial and did everything step by step twice and the usb loader gx still gets a black screen after i try too load mario sluggers havent tried any other games yet i used a cirago 120 gig external hard drive usb 2.0 high speed too load the games off of and i used a site for game torrents do u think its either a bad wii game iso or my HD? i have 4.2u system folder and everything else works fine. just not loading backup games and of course dvdr's dont work on my wii its band new and has that fix. witch sucks. thanks in advance for ur help and im not a complete newb at HBC i used it for my nintendo ds with a r4 and easyily played backup games music and movies off it. emulators on my wii work great.

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    Do you have access to another HDD to test?

    Check the compatibility list here:
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    nope...any HDD's u recommend? that arent too expensive in the 100gb range

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    i dont see it on the list but its not a common brand hope its the iso

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    Wal Mart has a Seagate 250gb for $50. I got one for Christmas and it works great.

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    always good to get the info on the good buys.

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    Anyone in Aus. Joyce Mayne have 1TB WD for $118.

    I bought 3 today as spares I now have 10 TB of storage available .. can never have too much.
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