So my wii doesn't like boot2 (whatever that is) so to back it up (I think...) I'm trying to install this thing called priiloader. (Following this guide: Click here)

So I get to step 7 and get an error like described... So I followed to instructions in the grey to avoid the error.

"On the install screen press +

place your SD card back into your computer. go into the apps folder and then the preloader folder. Rename boot.dol to boot.old and rename preloader0.29-jodi.dol to boot.dol. Place the SD back into the Wii.

Go back to homebrew channel and re-run preloader. Follow the on screen instructions to install preloader. Once Preloader is installed you’ll be placed into the Preloader menu choose to return to the homebrew channel."

But ever since I changed the names, I don't get an option to press + and it just stays on the info screen until I either turn off the wii or press the home button on the wii remote. Does anyone know?

I would love it so much if anyone could take the time to answer this... I've spent too many days failing.