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Thread: new usb loader options..

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    new usb loader options..

    Hey guys in the older versions of usb loader gx we could download the missing images we needed..

    in the newer version there is no option for this?is there a way ?or i need to download one by one again..

    sorry i got a 408 so it posted 2 times..

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    Have you tried pressing the 1 button? When you push 1 it should pop up a screen that will let you download disc, 2d, or 3d images.
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    I always just click on the box art and it also pops up.

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    i tryed deosnt seem to work..

    by the way have any of you have issues with the dumbping of the iso?

    i tryed 2 games one works fine but the other does not load(wii resort)

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    Quote Originally Posted by techker View Post
    the other does not load(wii resort)

    there ya go.
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    cool thx!i will try it out.


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