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Thread: What modchip do i have?

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    What modchip do i have?

    Hi, i bought a premodded wii from abroad, but i'm not sure what modchip it has installed, how can i find out? Also if i play online with back ups or go on WiiConnect24, will i get banned? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.
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    you can open up the's pretty simple
    follow these instructions
    Wii-FTW A wii information resource for news, mods, homebrew, reviews, guides, software, hardware, and how to for wii mod chips and accessories
    make sure you have a tri-wing screwdriver or you'll shread your screws
    and you'll have to drill them out and wreck your screw
    playing online wtih backups and going online is fine...just don't download anything
    if they ask you to give information about your wii to nintendo, just accept, it won't affect your wii


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