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Thread: My Black Wii

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    My Black Wii


    I just got a new black wii for xmas and i was gona get it modded only to find that that it required replacing the drive board with a different and 95 pounds. The guy at the shop says its impossible to softmod i was wondering if this is true or not.
    at the moment i tempted to wait for a chip that will work on the wii cos i dont really wana go down the route of softmodding cos im scared i will brick it.

    just want to know what are your opinions on the matter?

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    u can softmod any wii if its black or not.
    But since urs is black then it has that new Drive that does not read DVD backups and u need a USB HDD to read ur backups from. U will be fine if u have a hdd

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    ah thnx for the quick reply i was wondering has done this with the black wii


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