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Thread: Attepting to recover from a semi-brick.

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    Attepting to recover from a semi-brick.

    Hello, I am in the process of recovering from a semi-brick. I have previously posted here. Messie and Tealc have kindly pointed me to the right direction: first install IOS60patched, then Sys Menu 4.1. I have obtained both files. On attempt to install IOS60patched, I get an error message: "Installing ticket... ERROR! (ret -2011)"

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    You are going to have to take a different route... its 2 different guides you have to follow. Do a search for my name and read the thread towards the end I posted the links to the threads I read to recover from semi-brick. It is a very "VERY" helpful way to go and it works well. Try it and guarantee in about an hour all "should" be well again.

    Good Luck

    I took the time to find you the link... please read it thoroughly and understand it first before you dive in. I take no responsibility for anything but this is what helped me and the only method that worked after several hours of trying what seemed like simpler methods.
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