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    stressed noob

    hi guys my name is nathan i have just baught a wii for the gf and softmodded it with Softmodding for Dummies v4.0 that i got off a torrent site.


    f/w ver is 3.1e it now has the hbc on it and the disc booter channel that is all i have installed i installed the rest as default but deleated the channels as they was never going to be used.


    have a small collection of about 20 games now after 3 ays of having he wii but most of the will crash mid game saying unable to read disc please remove disc nd refer to user guide,some will give me blue screen error 002 and a few play ok.
    im using aone dvd-r discs burnt at 2.4 originaly then having these problems with mid game crashing burning them now at 1x speed.


    i have been doing a little reading and it all is going over my head atm so would realy like a little pearsonal advice.(i myself know how aggrovated you guys get when noobs always come along with the same questions im a 360 guy n know all about 360 but im total noob with this atm)

    so 1,will an original game brick my wii?been ooking at comments and some say yes and some say no,

    2, what cios will run new games run them smooth and suit my 3.1e f/w(if it needs to suit the f/w from what i understand it dont)

    3,these are the channels that have been put on the wii if this helps answer questions and i ave attached the pdf i got with the download it might help.

    4, is it possible just to overwrite anything done with this tutorial ?or will i have to make the wii a virgin again??

    so thanks guys for your time you all do a great job and look forward to hearing something back.
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