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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    Am I doing something wrong?

    When I download a Wii iso from torrent, I can't burn it to disc properly. I doubt this is because my drivekey is faulty because my mate who got the key and installed it has downloaded a game for me and it works. What I'm doing is:

    1. D/L the ISO
    2. unzip the top file in the folder (as they are arranged without me touching them)
    3. Burn the image to disc (DVD+R) using imgburn at 4x speed.

    I either get an error message or the disc cannot be read. What am I doing wrong?

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    use verbatim dvd -r

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    So you definitely can't use DVD+R?

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    only if you are lucky

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    Yeah to be honest use Verbatim DVD-R! You cant go worng and your find your problems will vanish!

    You can use DVD+R's but alot of people have various problems, if you do however choose to use DVD+R when you burn the iso, change the booktype on the burning software


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