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Thread: IOS249 rev16 NeoGamma / Need Substitute

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    Us IOS249 rev16 NeoGamma / Need Substitute

    For all of you who are wondering why upgrade to ISO 249 Rev16 my reason was "error 001 illegal game" error. Rev 16 fixes this issue as in Waninkoko's notes

    Upon successfully installing (per onscreen success notes) the entire ISO 249 Rev 16 upgrade, the error 001 went away however NeoGamma 5, 7 and 8 Beta 15 all have time out issues with all discs. I shoul dhave read the lates notes in the readme file for NeoGamma as it does not support Rev 15 (and now 16)

    Now I am in search of a similar game loader to NeoGamma that is compatible with IOS249 Rev 16 from Waninkoko. Anyone got this rev 16 working and with what game (DVD) loader ? Other tips welcome

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    just go back to rev14


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