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Thread: Couple Of Questions For Wii Hackers

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    Exclamation Couple Of Questions For Wii Hackers


    Im a noob at wii hacks, (not softmod and hardmod hacks Just wii hacks)

    Infact i dont even own a wii yet,

    which Brings me to question 1: Can you hack the new version of wii,(i think its 4.2)this is without any softmoding in the past, Just a Brand new wii.

    question 2 : How Much Memory is needed on the sd card for the softmods(if it is possible to do them now)

    question 3 : is it still possible to play "back-ups" on the wii.

    Please remember that im about to buy a brand new wii,with no history of mods on it.

    Thanks for your time and replies-Dylan(wiiIssues)

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    I soft modded my Black Wii 4.2 with no problems, I used a 1GB SD card to do everything. I play backups using USB loader, I think most new Wii's can't play backups from Discs anymore.


    I used this guide:

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    Thanks alot, will be getting wii soon,

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