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Thread: Problems with acekard 2 2.1

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    Ca Problems with acekard 2 2.1

    I have the above card and have downloaded the newest version firmware for it. I have put aprox 10 games on and after some time I got "System file missing". I had to reformat my micro sd card and put all the infor back on it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    What is it exactly that you need help with?

    Did the 'file missing' appear again?

    Did the 'file missing' still appear after formatting the SD card?

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    Once I re formated the card and installed the files again everything was ok. I got system file missing again, so I enterened everything again on the card. I had to re format the card because it said it was full, but could not see anything on it.

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    Could you clarify a little more?

    If it's what you want, you can check how much space your MicroSD card as by checking its properties. You can do this by clicking on my computer, right-clicking on the your MicroSD's 'Removable Drive', then clicking properties.

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    I'm having a problem too. I just installed the 4.21 update, and now when I boot into the AK 2i, then last game I played boots automatically, I cant get to the AK 2i menu. So I'm doing this, I removed my games folder and now I doing a full format, not the quick format, and I'm going to reinstall everything. I'll report back on my progress.

    EDIT -
    After formatting the microSD I reinstalled the AKAIO 1.5, I did a fresh download of that and unzipped it. After unzipping it I had a _aio folder and a akmenu4 file, I dragged both of them to the root of the micorSD card. Then I downloaded the newest firmware and unzipped it. After unzipping it I had a ak2loader file. I went back to the _aio folder on the microSD and opened it and copied the "ak2loader" file to the loaders folder. Then I copied the games folder back to the root of the microSD card, and all works well now.

    Recap what goes where
    _aio (folder) - on the root
    akmenu4 (nds file) - on the root
    ak2loader (nds file) - in the loaders folder (sd:_aio/loaders)
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