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Thread: Noob questions on how to mod!!

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    Smile Noob questions on how to mod!!

    Hello i am new to the wii modding scene but know a bit about xbox flashing i am trying to work out what i need and how to do it. As far as i can see so far you can hardmod or softmod i think that i would prefer to softmod so that i dont have to open it up then by the looks of things i need a bit of software called homebrew. Thats as far as i have worked out so far, i bought my wii about a week ago and it is one of the new black ones so i am unsure as to what mod it will need. So if i need homebrew where can i get it (a link would be helpeful) and how do i find out what model my wii is and what firmware i need? also i have read that i will need an sd card do i put the firmware on the card and then run it on my wi from there and if i do how do i put the firmware on the card? Anyway thanks for any help in advance and hopefully i can sort this out soon.

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    First, you'll need to find out what firmware you got. In the Wii's Main Menu, go into the system menu and in the upper right corner, it should show your firmware.

    If your firmware is anywhere between 3.1 - 4.1, use this tutorial:

    If you have 4.2, use one of these tutorials:


    if you're not already on 4.2, its recommended NOT to upgrade. Also note that some black wiis have the D3-2 Drive. The only way to be sure is to open it up. Trying to load DVDR backups may also help you find out. D3-2 drives prevent DVDR backups from loading. If you have a D3-2 Drive, your only option would be to use a usb loader. USB Loading allows you to load from external hard drives. USB Loading is faster and utilizes space more efficiently. Here is a tutorial on USB Loading:

    If you want to give DVDR loading a test, make sure to use high quality DVD-R (not +R) media. Verbatim DVD-R is recommended. Using these discs and burning at low speeds will reduce media errors.

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